Where the heck is Andorra? Wasn't that the name of Darren's mother-in-law on Bewitched? Did Agnes Moorehead start her own country? Alright, we're showing our age and, yes, our geography is a bit weak. But what we do know is that dogs don't care where countries are or who's running them--they just want to go with you. And so that's why we've revamped and updated our International Pet-Friendly Hotel Listings section to include a lot more countries and lodgings. So now, if you do decide to hop over the pond with your pooch, or have even more daring travel ambitions, just pick a country and you'll be able to find an pet-friendly hotel immediately. And beyond simply finding lodging, we've also listed each country's pet regulations so you'll know what to expect and be better prepared when you get there.

In the coming months, we'll be providing more information about other aspects of traveling with your pet in foreign countries. It requires a lot of prep and planning but we think you'll find that it's totally worth the effort. For example, just imagine how amazing it will be for you to utter, "Sit, Stay, Heel" in Vietnamese and then watch as your dog tilts his head in puzzlement just like he does when you say it in English. Priceless! So grab your favorite animal, start spinning that globe, and plan your dream trip now.