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With so many pet friendly brands to choose from, Choice Hotels makes it easy for you and your pet to find just the right place to suit all of your needs. Just choose a state and city from the drop-down menu above to see all Choice pet friendly brands and properties. Or, if you have a favorite or specific Choice brand in mind, you can click on a logo below to access just that brand's pet friendly hotels.

Choice also understands that it’s even more fun if you can save big money along the way by taking advantage of their many special offers, unique programs and packages that highlight great travel opportunities at incredible prices.

We have broken Choice's money-saving deals down by category, including Featured Offers, Special Rate Programs and Choice Priveleges.

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And please be sure to keep checking back as we update this page. At petswelcome, we have expanded our mission from just helping you find great pet-friendly lodgings and rentals, to also sniffing out unbelievable deals and money-saving offers. Our intrepid team is on the job so that we can put you on the scent of more new and exciting deals from great hotel chains like Choice Hotels.

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Featured Offers

3 Barks for the Book early and save up to 20% (requires 7 day in advance booking)
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Special Rate Programs

AARP members and their pets get up to a 10% discount

Government Rates Offering great hotel discounts for Pet loving military and government travelers

Best Internet Rate Guarantee
Kids Stay Free at our Family Friendly Hotels! Book Your Family Trip on the official site of Choice Hotels!

Senior Rate
Senior's and their pets ~ Special discount rates and amenities designed to make travel more cost-effective.

Choice Privileges and Gift Card Opportunities

Sign up for Choice Privileges and Earn Points for Each Stay!