The Canadian Food Inspection Agency website has all the info you will need to bring your pet birds, cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, rodents and even primates with you into Canada.

Cats and dogs imported into Canada will have a documentary inspection by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to ensure the vaccination is current and the animal description matches. During this visual inspection, CBSA ensures that there is no visible signs of illness. In certain cases, dogs and cats imported will require a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspection for which CFIA inspection fees apply. The fee must be paid at the time of inspection.

For additional information on CBSA fees please visit their website.

The current fees are:

  • $30.00 + tax for the first animal in the shipment; and
  • $5.00 + tax for each additional animal in the shipment.

If the shipment does not meet Canada's import requirements (even if the animal is being imported from the United States), the animal will be ordered to undergo vaccination against rabies within two weeks of its arrival, and the following fees apply:

  • $55.00 + tax for the first animal in the shipment; and
  • $30.00 + tax for each additional animal.

Other restrictions may apply, for instance Ontario does not permit pit bulls to enter the provence.

For more info:

As always, we ask that you please verify the country's pet policy before you leave on your trip. We wouldn't want you to be turned away upon arrival. If you do find that the policy has changed please email us and we'll update it immediately.

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