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We're so confident that we are now offering a FREE LINK FOR THIRTY DAYS to every lodging that signs up to be on It's simple: Just fill out the form below and you automatically get a Free Thirty-Day link to your own website. Please note: if you're signing up a Vacation Rental, you should click here to get it listed. We'll be in contact with you throughout the trial to help improve your bookings and make sure you are having success. We will also show you your stats and, finally, after thirty days, see if you want to continue with the link. There's no charge until then. And there's only a charge ($150 per property for the year beyond the free thirty days) if you want to continue your link. We don't want you to pay unless it works for you. It's simple: Guaranteeing your success guarantees ours.

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Either way, be sure to grab the petswelcome logo and put it on your site. As the universal symbol of pet-friendliness, it will ensure, at a single glance, that people know that your lodging is pet-friendly and trustworthy and will welcome their whole family with open arms. Also, by doing so and linking to petswelcome, you will get an extra 30 days in your free trial.

    Here's what you'll get immediately with your upgraded listing:
  • A priority, top-of-the page listing on your city page linked directly to your own web site
  • A reservation link to your own site if you have on-line reservation capabilities
  • Statistics showing how many visitors we have sent to your website
  • Inclusion in our on-line newsletter that goes to over 12,000 traveling pet-owners looking for information on quality lodgings like yours
  • Access to our thousands of users every day and hundreds of links to our site from around the world

So just take a few minutes to fill out the form below (please be as thorough as possible--the more information you provide, the more visitors you will receive). Once you submit it, you will then be connected to the huge niche market of traveling pet owners who come to for just one thing: quality pet-friendly lodgings like yours.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Cindy Dahlen, our Marketing Director, at [email protected] or 320-766-9374.

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